Friday, July 30, 2010

Fun Hobby Videos

This hobby site has loom knitting videos selected that will get you started and keep you updated on various hobbies, and loom knitting is one of the hobbies selected.
Check out the videos and if you are new to loom knitting or if you have experience these videos will give you some tips.

I like to watch a video myself to see new techniques or to brush up on loom knitting
tips I might have forgotten.

Check it out. Hope it is of some value to you. While you are there you might find a new hobby.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Looming but not Posting

I have been looming, crocheting, and working with my Cricut. I haven't been posting much.
Even though summer is still going strong, I need to get my list for Christmas projects, Christmas comes so fast, especially when you have a list of hand made items to do.
Right now I am working on crocheted shawl in turquoise trimmed in black and turquoise, a black and gold brimmed hat(Pittsburgh colors, a black hat with gold beads,and an afghan. I am loom knitting the two hats, I love to do them on the looms, they come out so beautiful and they work up fast.
Well, let me get back to work, actually crafting.