Thursday, March 4, 2010

National Craft Month! Celebrate And Craft Today!

March is National Craft Month. What better way to celebrate then to learn a new craft?
Loom Knitting is a great craft to learn, and for those of you experienced loom knitters out there, why not try a new project? If you are a newbie to the loom knitter world, try the Knifty Knitters.
Mom & Me Loom Kit They can be purchased at most craft stores at a reasonable price. It will begin a new craft passion for you. You can make anything on the various size looms, from toys to afghans. there are many great books on the market. Isela Phelps Loom Knitting Primer will give you many projects to work on. She has a wide variety and it is a book you can use for reference and projects for years to come. It even has a section on felting.
Loom Knitting Primer
Make Loom knitting your craft for March and you can even start your Christmas gifts while you are at it. Many great ideas in the Loom Knitting Primer.